Performance Enhancing Drugs in Sports

  • One of the most widely used in sports is the steroid Benzedrine, but this research is identifying other substances. It's interesting to note that even the most "normal" drugs have been put under suspicion as potential performance enhancing drugs. As this substance is legal and people can buy in a variety of different places, if studies show positive it may be hard to eliminate its use from sports.

The Georgia Marathon was an annual marathon that allowed participants to sign up for a variety of different events. These included traditional marathons, half marathons, and wheelchair half marathons. Participants paid an entry fee for each event and were required to be at least sixteen to participate in the full marathon. To be in the half marathon or the wheelchair half marathon, participants only had to be fourteen years of age. Skates of any kind, bicycles, strollers, and animals were not allowed to be on the race course, and any one who violated these or other rules could be disqualified at the event.

Participants could take part in the events on their own or as sponsored groups or teams. As such, many businesses would send their employees to compete on behalf of the company. Though competitive in nature, the real spirit of the marathons, however, was just one of fun and enjoyment.

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